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At VSA we believe the most crucial aspect of a player’s development is the technical mental aspect, in fact, this should be the overall focus for ages 12 and under. ALL VSA coaches work with our academy players; the kids enjoy a variety of coaching styles while learning the basics of the game- dribbling, shooting, passing and controlling the ball. We strongly believe that the key to helping a player become successful in their soccer careers is providing them with a strong foundation; as a result, we don’t only focus on developing their foot skills but we also place great emphasis on developing their understanding of the game. We help build our players’ confidence by encouraging them to hold on to the ball, protect the ball and take players on in 1v1 situations.

    I get great joy and excitement when I see the expression on a young player’s face when he or she continuously tries to takes on another player and finally is successful…. That’s why I coach!
    - Ciro Viviano, Club President

When our players reach the U12 age group, we begin introducing the tactical aspect of the game. While our main focus is ensuring they are technically sound, we begin to expose them to different positions and formations which prepares them for the next phase of their development- attacking and defending as a team. We focus on team shape, the role of the 1st & 2nd defender, the roles of the 1st & 2nd attacker, movement off the ball, etc. We stress the importance of every player being able to possess the ball and being able to make an intelligent decision with the ball- every player should be comfortable and confident on the ball. From U13 thru U15 our main focus is the tactical aspect of the game, while continuously refining their technical ability. We focus on speed of play, systems of play, decision making, communication, set pieces, etc.

At the U16 level we begin introducing more advanced concepts such as, playing under stress. We put them in timed situations where they are up or down a player and/or up or down a goal. This is also the age we begin preparing our players and their parents for the college process. As a former college and professional head coach, Ciro meets with the players to give them insight from what college coaches look for when recruiting to what parents can do to help their player’s transition into college life as smooth as possible. From U17-U18 our coaches focus mainly advanced tactical concepts and college preparation- the majority of tournaments our teams attend are college showcases.

VSA United takes great pride in our players and their development! We have created a family environment where our players can develop technically, tactically, intellectually and have fun doing it! At Viviano Soccer Academy, the kids come FIRST!